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Wear Your STAR WARS Nerd Cred Around Your Neck With These Giant Sculpted Statement Necklaces

Attention fellow geekettes, if you’re getting tired of slipping on a tight tee emblazoned with the cracked iron-on image of the Star Wars movie poster (1977 edition) perhaps you would be interested in something a little more dramatic, like, maybe, a giant sculpted head of Chewbacca around your neck? (which is not too dissimilar to how the Jivaroan tribes of old would wear the shrunken heads of their enemies around their neck to show off their bad-ass killing skillz).

Now, if Chewbacca isn’t to your liking, there is always an Ewok:

Or something a bit more…well let’s just say slug-like:

Yeah, I thought you might like that one.

These statement necklaces, made from hand-sculpted resin, are all available from etsy artist Red Dingo Designs and reasonably priced around $30-$35 (which is probably about the same price you paid for your t-shirt at a con). Of course, I realize that not everyone is into Star Wars in such a way that sporting a giant head of a beloved character around their neck makes their nether region twitch, so don’t worry, you can also choke yourself with a plethora of other cinematic icons that will make you just as happy as the Star Wars dorks…personally, as much as I adore THE TRILOGY, what I am looking forward to wearing at classy family functions is this:

‘Cause nothing pisses off your Bubbie more than wearing an image of impending death around your neck while celebrating Yom Kippur.

I’m really kind of an asshole.

Source: Fashionably Geek

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