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Which Halloween Candy Is Worse For You? A Primer For Older Binge-Eaters

Today is Halloween which means loads of kids coming to your house begging for the candy that you didn’t manage to eat before dark. And while it is perfectly fine for you to tell yourself that 7 fun-size Snickers bars equal one normal sized one, we all know the score, that what you, the adult, are putting into your old, slowly decaying body, is going to come back to bite you on your cellulite-pocked ass before too long.

And that bite isn’t so much as chocolate coated as it is covered in diarrhea and hardcore gas pain.

So before you dip your hand back into the candy bowl for one more Twix, watch this educational primer on what candy won’t cause you to take a trip to the Hospital due to a Fart-Attack.

Trust me, your stomach will thank you.

Video after the break.

Source: The Presurfer

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