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Woman Takes LSD in the 50s, Realizes That We Are All Connected & Spends the Remaining Years of Her Sober Life Deeply Depressed (Probably)

What you are about to see is some rare footage of a 1950s housewife tripping balls on medically safe LSD for an experiment by Dr. Cohen. The woman, the wife of a hospital worker too chicken shit to take the drug himself, is a demure, respectable lady of the times who seems nervous about being a guinea pig but is too polite to say no.

When the drug kicks in, she becomes a truly open human being whose mind expands until she is connected to the air, the colors and yes, the meaning of life.Her desire to explain what she is experiencing is so great but there are no words for her, and when she says to Dr. Cohen (after he asks her to explain what she is seeing) “I can’t tell you about it…if you can’t see it, then you’ll just never know…I feel sorry for you” You almost feel that she is expressing herself for the first time ever.

Really, it’s pretty beautiful and heartbreaking.

Watch after the break.

Source: Open Culture

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