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A Guide To Trading Your Remaining Halloween Candy…If You Have Any Left

If you are a regular human being who ends up buying four bags of candy (I’m talking the 145 piece ones) for Halloween and hiding one of them for yourself, I salute you. But let’s be honest here, even if you are a world class secret closet eater, you are going to get mighty sick of some of that candy and wish you had bought a bag filled with a better variety.

In the past you might have simply given up the rest of your candy stash and shared it with friends and family, but let’s not lose sight of your original goal, TO EAT A LOT OF CANDY. Any dream worth having requires work and in this tutorial on how to trade your candy for better candy by Le Frank, you will learn the ins and outs of swapping your shitty Whoppers candies for a Snickers or even a mini Twix.

Don’t give up on eating your way into a bigger size of elastic-band pants people…this is America.

Video after the break.

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