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LET’S GO TO THE MOVIES: Space Camp (1986)

I wanted to go to Space Camp when I was a kid because becoming an astronaut was as wondrous and cool of a job as anyone could want. Then I learned I was horrible at math (although that was rectified some 30+ years later when I went back to college and had a professor who made math fun) and that dream died.

Of course, I can relive that old longing via the 1986 highly improbable film Space Camp starring a bunch of people who are kinda famous (Kelly Preston, Tate Donovan, Leaf (Joaquin) Phoenix, Lea Thompson, Tom Skerrit).

The movie was a critical and commercial flop (probably due to the fact that it was released soon after The Challenger accident) but it is weirdly fun and watchable despite it having a sentient robot named Max who is responsible for sending the kids into space (why is this robot at Space Camp anyway?).

Oh and for the people out there who haven’t quite gotten over their Kelly Preston Fetish (and I completely understand, I too watched the movie Mischief as a teenager) she plays kind of a slut who has an eidetic memory so yeah, she is completely worthy of attending Space Camp.

Movie after the break.

(note: the movie has Spanish subtitles, just turn them off if they bother you)

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