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Meet Hatebeak, A Death Metal Band With A Parrot As Lead Vocalist

From 2004-2009 a 21 year-old parrot named Waldo fronted a death metal band named Hatebeak (along with Blake Harrison + Mark Sloan), something I was completely unaware of until yesterday and to which I have rectified.

The band never toured (out of respect to the Waldo’s quality of life), released three albums: Beak of Putrefaction (2004), Bird Seeds of Vengeance (2005) and The Thing That Should Not Beak (2007) and created a sound that not only embraced the guttural nature of death metal but allowed it to “soar” to new heights (bird pun!).

After the break are a few of Hatebeak’s songs, I suggest you turn it up all the way to 11 and allow the power of the squawk to embrace you.

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