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MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY: The Gun Club- Sex Beat

There is something surprisingly primal about starting your week out with a little cowpunk/rockabilly number that gets your blood pumping…especially when that week is short and filled with the prospect of holiday family drama. And, for my money, nothing is better at getting you to pogo around your boss and/or parents better than The Gun Club’s Sex Beat, which, if you are willing to not look too deeply into it, can sort of double as an alt Xmas song as well:


And every day I agree 
You throw me down by the Christmas tree 
I watched your lights blink on and off 
While you start your fun with me

So turn up the volume and count down the few remaining days left before we all celebrate that long ago time when white people helped to massacre an indigenous people who were far too nice for their own good.

Video after the break.

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1 Comment

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