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REBOUND (film review)

Review by Elizabeth Weitz
Produced by Megan Freels and Debra Trevino
Written and Directed by Megan Freels
Starring Ashley James, Mark Scheibmeir and Wes O’Lee

Rebound (written, directed and produced by Megan Freels) is all about a bad day…like a REALLY bad day…I’m talking about the kind of day that includes you accidentally farting on a first date, but instead of just noise it also contains squishy lumps, the smell of death, your date puking…and no call for a second date.

Yeah, that kind of day.

The bad day in this case belongs to Claire (Ashley James), a pretty, struggling actress from L.A who catches her boyfriend of three years (Brett Johnson) in bed with another woman (Ali Williams) and falls completely apart.

To counteract the definite binge-eating that will take place, Claire makes the reasonable decision to return home to Chicago into the warm, safe embrace of her parents via a hopefully head-clearing road trip that starts off horrible and only gets worse from there.

Seriously, this chick would have been better served by staying in L.A., buying a case of Nutella and settling in for a Netflix marathon while wearing expandable pants.

Her bad luck begins with losing her phone at a rest-stop and ends with a showdown in a faux Jiffy Lube (the middle part involves her car pretty much treating her like her ex-boyfriend, ending up in a town that is seemingly populated by ornery men-folk- who have no problem with the concept of Roofie-ing a young woman- and a bizarre therapy session that insurance definitely won’t cover).

I don’t want to get too into the minutia of the film, otherwise that would ruin it for you but let’s just say that if you happen to enjoy women-in-distress torture flicks with a side of a psychoanalytical maniac/car mechanic (Mark Sheibmeir) mixed with just a hint of film-noir, then you are going to like Rebound.

After a career producing projects associated with her late grandfather, the inimitable Elmore Leonard, Freels’ first film as a writer/director provides plenty of tension as the ramifications of one bad decision will haunt forever.  The brief running time keeps things tight, but the film overall could use a little more breathing room.

Yep, just an enjoyable, low-budget (but well structured) movie that teaches you that sometimes the best thing you can do after a truly broken heart is watch TV and eat Chocolate Hazelnut Butter straight from the jar can…it’ll save you from making the biggest mistake of your life.

Rebound will be available on all digital platforms in December 2014.

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