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SCIENCE GEEK: 3 Things You May Not Want To Know About Dust Mites

We’re Coming To Get You Barbara…

Once a year I do a seriously deep cleaning of my house in order to get ready for the holidays and during that couple of weeks of cleaning (we’re talking baseboard cleaning, moving furniture around, touching up paint, etc.) I usually come down with some kind of horrific allergy attack that makes me violently ill.

I used to think I was just allergic to cleaning but after watching this video and self-diagnosing myself (with some help from the hypochondriacs go-to doctor, Web-MD) I now know what it is that makes me sick…and it is far more gross than even I could imagine.

So on this year’s holiday gift wish-list I will be asking for a gift certificate for a maid service, ’cause I will never again clean this disgusting house.

Video after the break.

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