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Sh*texpress: A Service That Will Send Sh*t to the Doors of Your Enemies

If you have just been wronged by someone and are looking for a revenge tactic that isn’t violent but still gets across the message that you hate that person with a passion you usually reserve for people like Hitler, than you might be interested in hiring Shitexpress, a service that will happily send a box of excrement to the door of said jerkface.

For $16.95 you can ship a box of crap to anyone in the entire world. All you have to do is pick which animal poop you want to send, give an address, decide how you want the box to be wrapped and you can pay anonymously (via bitcoin/cryptocurrencies or paypal) so that no one will ever find out who sent them a stank gift.

This really is going to be one magical holiday season.

Source: DotD

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