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TRAVEL GEEK: K’aa: A Short Film About Traveling Across The Country

I know that during and after the elections a lot of people feel sad and depressed about how big of assholes our elected officials are and how it appears that life in America, as we know it, seems to be going down the crapper. When that happens I go straight to my cousin Kristen Kellogg’s travel blog (Border Free Productions) to watch videos of her travels in various parts of the world…jealously…sometimes I cry and write emails I never send begging her to take me with her…but that’s another story.

But you know something, maybe we feel so bogged down from political attack ads and the corporate sponsorship of our government because we’re supposed to, maybe that’s how all this is supposed to go in order to 1984 our asses and make us apathetic drones (God, I really have to stop reading Orwell during election years) but perhaps if we remember how big and vast and beautiful the country really is we, the people, might actually wake up and say “Fuck You” to the masters of our land and take back….ah, screw it, just watch Alex Avella‘s incredibly moving and gorgeous short film K’aa which takes the viewer across the country from NYC to LA and reminds us that there’s more to life than going on a Commie Pinko Liberal diatribe after an election.

Note to Elizabeth: Don’t write posts after binge-watching cable news networks on election night.

No one wants to hear it.

Video after the break.

Source: Sploid

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