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Watch Harvard Students Try & Pass The 1964 Louisiana Literacy Test Used To Suppress the Voting Rights of African-Americans

With all this talk of the new voting registrations being implemented around the country in order to suppress certain voters, one can’t help but reflect back to the days of the blatant racist tactics of politicians in the 60s who tried desperately to keep black Americans from participating in their right to vote. Of course in today’s more PC climate, racism is just polished up a bit more but the result is the same, to keep people (who have the right) from voting.

Which is why I have never understood why people (mostly whites) don’t vote.

Perhaps it is because our rights have never been trampled on, or, that we have never been made to feel as if we are second-class citizens, or maybe we are so apathetic to the point of boredom that to leave our house and actually participate in the luxury of creating change is passe.

Whatever it is, perhaps a wake-up call is in order, and what better way to show how difficult it was for people to vote (who fucking had the legal right to it) than by enlisting a bunch of Harvard student to take the actual 1964 Louisiana literary test that was given to mostly blacks in order to keep them from casting a ballot.

Watch and take note people, all of us may someday have to do this in the future if we don’t pay attention.

Video after the break.

And just for shits and giggles here are the actual test questions…let’s see how we do with them (and remember, you only have 10 minutes):

Source: Open Culture

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