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Benefits of Smartphone Cases

A smartphone case can provide protection for your smartphone in case of drops or falls, but add bulk and weight to devices typically designed to be as slim as possible.

As a result, the discussion on whether a smartphone case is a good idea is highly polarizing.

However, smartphone cases can deliver a few benefits that may not immediately come to mind when you think of a $10 investment.

Screen Protection

Smartphone screens are designed to be shatter resistant, but few if any smartphone screens are completely impervious to breaking, and a cracked screen renders many devices nearly useless. A quality smartphone case is designed to absorb shock from falls that would shatter an unprotected smartphone screen, and some cases include extra protection specifically for this most vulnerable part of a smartphone.


Some smartphone cases even have benefits beyond protection. Many smartphone cases are designed with kickstands to allow for video viewing. Others include a source of mobile power for the ability to charge your phone while on the go. Smartphone cases are all about options, and the fact is that those that use them have many more than those who do not.

Added Resale Value

With new models constantly being released and consumers always ready for the next big thing in smartphones, the resale market for these devices is more lucrative than ever before. A premium smartphone in good condition can command hundreds of dollars even a year after its release, and so selling a smartphone when it’s time for a new one is an excellent way to get the most from your investment. Check out iiNets iPhone 5s plans for full details and specifications of whats available.

Unfortunately, the most common depreciator of smartphones is physical wear and tear. Scuffs, scrapes and fine scratches may be totally ignored by a longtime owner of a device, but will surely be noticed by a secondhand buyer and its value will suffer greatly as a result. For this reason, any smartphone user considering selling their device at some point should strongly consider keeping their device in a case.

Every smartphone user must make the decision of whether to use a case on an individual basis, but few can deny the range of benefits that doing so offers. Smartphone cases are not only an opportunity to add some personal flair to your device, but can also help preserve its value as well as add extra features that make your smartphone an even more useful tool for your everyday life.

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