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Come And Get Your HARRY POTTER On At The College of Wizardry!

All Images By John-Paul Bichard

If you have ever wished with all your heart that you could live in the world of Witches and Wizards, drink a gallon of Butterbeer and attend a ball filled with magical awesomeness, then you’re about to shit your pants in utter glee, for there is an actual College of Wizardry that will not only fulfill your every Harry Potter fantasy, it will make your real life seem as though you have been living with, and tortured by, the Dudleys ever since you were one year old.

And yes, you will be attending this college in an actual fucking castle:

Sadly, there is a catch to all this magical wonderment, The College of Wizardry is not a regular school but a LARP event held in the Czocha Castle in Poland and lasting around four days (the first event was held in November with 190 participants with the second event taking place in April 2015).

I know, I cried a bit as well but there’s no need for tears, especially when those four days will be packed full of classes, games and events that will have you in Full Nerd mode and ridiculously happy.

If you are interested in signing up for the event (and living out your PG fan fiction fantasies) click HERE.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the cost of attending this college, it’s only 280€ (about $345…not including plane tickets and transportation to the event…which is still a hell of a lot less then attending a real college).

After the break is a promo that should get you packing your bags and giving notice to your job.

See you in Dark Arts!

Source: Pop Sugar

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