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THROWBACK THURSDAY: A Very 70s Sprite Wishes You A Very Happy Holidays

70s Sprite wants you to have a very happy holidays and please, at your holiday party this year, choose the fresh taste of Sprite…that’s right just pour it into a punch bowl…don’t add anything else to it…just Sprite. No, no, alcohol doesn’t improve the refreshing taste of Li-mon. What did I just say? PUT DOWN THE VODKA!

Your guests aren’t interested in getting plastered, they only want to sip on crisp, clean Sprite…yes they do…why are you arguing with me? PEOPLE LOVE SPRITE AT PARTIES!

Watch the people in the advert after the break…they look happy…yes, they were paid, but I don’t see what that has anything to do with it…did you just pour in Melon Schnapps? So help me god, if you ruined the sharp tang of Li-mon I will beat you to death with the punch bowl!

Source: The Retroist

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