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Tom Robbins on Writing, Imagination and Wishing He Could Write In Lizard’s Blood

Tom Robbins (Still Life With Woodpecker, Even Cowgirls Get The Blues) is the epitome of what young impressionable would-be authors think writing should be all about…becoming merely a vessel for imaginative, philosophical, fantastical stories bursting to come out.

With a voice that is wholly unique and a writing style that harkens back to another era (he writes with pen and paper) Robbins views the act of writing, not as a career dedicated to creating a salable product, but as a purely intuitive art that is all about getting in touch with the truth of the story.

In the following Blank on Blank episode, Robbins talks with Tod Mesirow (from 1994) for a film about writers that never came to fruition (which is too bad) about taking a two-by-four to an electric typewriting, wanting a nurse to serve him Tequila Sunrises when he’s 85 years old and how he wishes he could write with a quill dipped in lizard’s blood.

Like I said, Robbins is what you would call a “unique” kind of writer.

Video after the break.

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