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Is Disney Rebooting INDIANA JONES? Is Chris Pratt Replacing Harrison Ford?

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The folks over at Latino Review have been proven right yet again.

Deadline is confirming their previous report that Lucasfilm and Disney were planning on rebooting the Indiana Jones franchise with a new actor. They are reporting the studio is in early talks with rising star Chris Pratt to replace Harrison Ford as the titular hero.

While this might be great news for Pratt fans he’s a busy bee these days, as he’s about to shoot a remake of The Magnificent Seven alongside Denzel Washington.

He also is expected to shoot a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy in early 2016 and possibly a sequel to Jurassic World something soon if it does well this summer.

Bradley Cooper seemed like a mighty fine option at the time but looks to be too high-profile at this point. His huge box office for American Sniper and his three Oscar nominations might make him too expensive at this point.

We already know that his Guardians co-star can fit the role as Star-Lord’s character was greatly influenced by Jones. It’s possible that Chris might not be able to juggle three franchise roles like this, but let’s try to be optimistic.

This could also explain why he turned down Sony’s offer to play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted film.

Latino Review also reports that Disney is looking to release the film in 2018-2019.

And according to Variety, Chris Hemsworth is also being considered for the role as well.


This piece originally appeared on Celluloid and Cigarette Burns. Reprinted with permission. Follow On Twitter @_ChristopherM

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