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Mobile Technology: Becoming a Better Sports Better (Even if You Hate Sports)

If you class yourself as a numbers geek and someone able to handle a smartphone, then you could unlock a world of cash by using a “no lose” sports betting strategy. What’s that we hear you cry, you don’t like sports? It doesn’t matter. Thanks to a process known as arbitrage betting, you can ante-up and use your love of numbers to make a profit regardless of how well you know a sport.

Similar to scalping profits, which involves speculating on the price change between two sides of a proposition, arbitrage betting involves betting on every outcome of a contest in order to make a profit.

This technique is possible when you take different odds from different bookmakers. For example, Betfair’s betting exchange is filled with “bookmakers” offering different odds on the same contest.

By scouring the market and looking out for subtle differences, you can place multiple bets with multiple vendors and lock up a small profit regardless of an event’s outcome.

Tools of the Trade

Naturally, this process of scanning a matrix of ever-changing odds isn’t easy, so in these situations you’ll need the following tools to implement a successful arbitrage betting strategy: a keen eye for shifts in the market (odds changing), mathematical awareness and a betting app.

While the first two traits are a matter of personal development, the third is one that everyone can take advantage of. Thanks to services such as Betfair’s betting apps, it’s possible to download a piece of software (such as Bfexplorer PRO or Fairbot) that will help you become an arbitrage betting master.

Use a Bot for Better Bets

By monitoring specified betting markets, giving you future projections (so that you can see exactly how the odds translate into a cash return) and allowing you to place bets with a single touch of your screen, these betting apps make the process of betting much more efficient. Not only that, but thanks to each app’s organisation and mathematical wizardry, a lot of the number crunching is done for you.

So, even if you aren’t a number geek, you can still see how a betting market is changing and learn when each side of a proposition is ripe for making a bet. As we all know, technology is the key to an easier life.

However, when it comes to arbitrage betting, it’s also the key to unlock a vault of riches; even if you aren’t a sports fan.

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