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Now You’re Animating With Power: Guy Turns Nintendo Power Glove Into An Animation Tool

By Elizabeth Weitz

A lot of gamers might look back at the Nintendo Power Glove as one of the worst gaming decisions that Nintendo ever made, but I’ve always believed they were just ahead of their time.

I could be wrong though, it’s not the first time.

And while most of those gloves ended up in landfills or, in the case of my Retro-loving gamer hubby, in his office closet along with a couple of Virtual Boys, for Robot Chicken animator, Dillon Markey, the Glove really does allow him to “Play With Power”.

See, Even Lucas From The Wizard Thought It Was Cool

Or, more to the point, “Animate With Power” thanks to a few nerd hacks.

Sometimes even the shitiest stuff can be turned into beautiful, useful things…you know, someone should probably embroider that thought on a pillow or something, that was awesome.

Short doc after the break.

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