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Treat Yo Self: Celebrating Sitcoms With Home Decor

By Erin Maxwell

Etsy is both the most wonderful and horrible site in the entire world.

As a window-shopping time-suck for the slow moments in the life of a cubicle jockey, Etsy can both provide hours of entertainment and sheer genius at the same time.

When it is good, the shopping site can provide a devastating blow to the wallet. When it is bad, Etsy becomes a window to the soul of people who have both undiagnosed mental issues and a glue gun (RIP Regretsy).

However, looking beyond the “art” that consists of spraypainted tampons and knit hats for cats, Etsy can offer an outlet of expression for serious fandoms. The site can be a shopping haven for unique and original items that both glam up any habitat without making it look like Spencer’s had a fire sale.

Christmas is a far away, and you probably didn’t get what you really wanted for you birthday.

So, take a page from Donna and Tom’s handbook and “Treat Yo Self!” with these amazing, yet classy, items that celebrate the sitcom junkie.

Here are a few personal favorites:

“The Nightman Cometh” Stylized Poster 
(It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia)

Charlie Kelly’s musical opus about a little boy whose slumber is disrupted by trolls and possible rapists can now be yours forever in this wonderfully stylized poster that would make the folks at Mondo proud.

The Saul Bass-inspired look of the poster will class up any apartment while you discuss whether or not the lyric was “boy’s soul” or “boy’s hole.”

Price: $20
Shop: TeamWelser
Check it out

“Inspector Spacetime” Print 

Nothing says “Six Seasons and A Movie” like this Mucha-inspired print featuring Constable Reggie’s sub-par replacement, Geneva.

Bring an element of sophistication to your settings while making the bold statement, “Yes, I also believe Minerva to be the worst of all the Inspectors.

Price: $4 – $15
Shop: khallion
Buy it here

The Golden Girls Prayer Candle Set

Remember the sacrifices and gifts bestowed upon you by Saint Rose, Saint Blanche, Saint Dorothy and Saint Sophia with this set for four candles.

Each time you light a candle, you pay homage to these great ladies and all they have done in the name of wicket purses and decorating with palm tree designs.

Price: $75
Store: ArtcessoriesbyDakota
Buy It Here

“Ovaries Before Brovaries” Sampler 
(Parks and Recreation)

The perfect way to spruce up your own hoarding-nightmare of a home or a gift for your favorite Galentine, this “Ovaries Before Brovaries” cross-stitch not only shows your support for Team Knope and the code.

Hoes before bros, ladies. (Also available in “Uteruses Before Duderuses.”)

Price: $30
Shop: BananyaStand
Buy it here

“Put A Bird On It” Downloadable Print 

How do you take art to the next level? By putting a bird on it!

Show off your pride for your adopted hipster mecca with this inspirational art.

Price: $6.50
Shop: Paintspiration
Buy it here

“Girls” Minimalist Movie Poster 

Take your hate-watching to the next level with this minimalist image of the most self-involved twentysomethings in all of Brooklyn. Perfect for any unbelievably large N.Y. apartment, abortion clinic waiting room or favorite brunch place.

Price: $18
Shop: Printwolf
Buy it here

Cross-Stitch of Bluth Family Stair Car 
(Arrested Development)

Pay homage to the best vehicle on television since the Brady family grocery go-getter with this old-timey sampler of the Bluth family stair car.

While it does not include the frame, this work of art can be customized to your liking.

Price: $50
Store: TVCrossStitch
Buy it here

Jerri Blank Art on Stretched Canvas 
(Strangers With Candy)

TV’s greatest fortysomething former whore-turned-high school student might be gone from airwaves, but not from our lives.

This Strangers With Candy art features a studied look at Jerri Blank, complete with overbite and side-swiped two-tone ‘do.

Price: $40
Shop: DirtySowth
Buy it here 


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