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Kickstart This! ‘DISORIENTING ALEX’: A Romantic Comedy

Disorienting Alex tells the story of one of the simplest and yet most complex of human constants – Love. We all love; we love our families, love our friends, hopefully love ourselves, and if we’re truly lucky in this crazy world of seven billion and counting, we find that person for us whose very face conjures the word Love with a capital L.

Directed by Richard Marr-Griffin (Normal, Exhumed) & written by Michael Varrati (Tales of Poe, The Sins of Dracula) Disorienting Alex is a story about a boy, the boy he loves, and the girl who has problems letting go. As if getting married as a gay couple wasn’t difficult enough.

Marriage equality is now a tidal wave across the country; no matter the barriers built, in Indiana or Tennessee or elsewhere, they will not hold off the inevitable- A day where Gay Marriage is just Marriage. Laws and court rulings can give the equality, but familiarity wins hearts and minds.

That is why stories, movies like Disorienting Alex are so important. Humanity has been telling stories since we could communicate with each other. No matter the culture, language or distance separating us, stories bring people together, and help us understand each other, because we all love. We all feel heartache. We all feel joy. Stories bridge the gap.

Screenwriter Michael Varrati explains, “I’ve written a lot of tales of terror in my career, but what’s scarier than taking the plunge into love? Disorienting Alex is a decidedly different kind of story for me, but one that is near to my heart. Sure, it’s about equality and LGBT right, but it’s most importantly about the power of love, and how, above all things, that is the most important. Writing this script also gave me the chance to explore some of my other cinematic influences. I always loved the cacophony of Roger Altman’s scripts and the sweetness of John Hughes, and they were huge inspirations here. It was nice to write a movie where the only monster is intolerance. “

And that in itself is what drew in director Richard Griffin, ” Throughout my career it has always been my goal to use film to explore important issues in a humorous light. And right now with the firestorm that’s raging across America, I thought it was the perfect time to tackle the issue of marriage equality. Not with a heavy-handed piece, but with humor and romance. We want Disorienting Alex to be a movie that everyone can enjoy, and hopefully take away a hopeful message at the end.”

After the jump check out the pitch video for the film.

Disorienting Alex is a lighthearted, hopeful, funny and sweet movie about two people in love, who remain that way despite the obstacles thrown in their direction. Today it is a LGBTQ+ film, in the future hopefully it’ll just be a film. No label, just a good piece of entertainment.

The only way that is going to happen is if more movies showing realistic & positive portrayals of queer characters. This falls into the hearts and minds challenge. The more common ground is shown in media between everyone the more willing we will be to accept each other.

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