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Jane Austen’s Avengers, Reading While Stupid, Don’t Date a Librarian & More

Hugo Awards Debacle
This year’s Hugo Awards give a whole new meaning to the term “rigged.” This article breaks it all down for you.

Waiting for the Next One 
Here’s what you can do to occupy your time while you’re waiting for the next Song of Ice and Fire book.

The Stupid Reader 
‘The perils of feeling dumb when reading and how to cope with it.

Nose Cone Section 
A bookstore as added the nose cone of a plane as a new section of its store.

Austen Avengers Assemble 
The Avengers redone as Jane Austen characters.

Your Local Indie 
How to make the absolute most of the jewel that is your local independent bookstore.

Corrected School Reading 
Six books everyone (including your teacher) got wrong.

A Long Series 
Some recommended long series after Danielewski’s announcement.

Remembering Ruth Rendell 
BBC News on the bestselling mystery author Ruth Rendell.

Never Trust a Librarian 
Ten reasons not to date a librarian.

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