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Monster of The Month: Squishes (aka Michigan Bigfoot)

One of the adventures I had while writing my new book Monster Hunters was traveling to central Michigan to meet Bigfoot researcher Jim Sherman, a field representative for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO).

If that sounds familiar, it’s because members of the BFRO star in the hit reality show Finding Bigfoot.

Monster Hunters author Tea Krulos (left) and Jim Sherman of the BFRO.

Jim had been contacted by a couple who owned a farm (I gave them the aliases “Samantha” and “Ivy” in the book, and referred to their farm and surrounding land as “Isabella,” the name of the county it was located in). They told him that they had been experiencing a lot of strange things—frightening howling and growling, rocks being thrown at their house, things being moved around the farmyard, and unusual footprints.

The couple had nicknamed these mystery creatures “Squishes,” a play on the word Sasquatch, and the title of my chapter on my experiences at Isabella.

Jim had been out to the farm and surrounding woods to investigate a few times, and I joined him on a July 2014 trip to camp out there. Over the course of his trips to Isabella, Jim had recorded a few strange “vocalizations.”

You can listen to more recordings on his Soundcloud page HERE.

When I met Samantha and Ivy, I could tell they were genuinely creeped out by whatever was stalking their home. Here’s a mini-excerpt from Monster Hunters where I recall campfire conversation my first night at Isabella:

“The trio sitting by me at the campfire told me there was a telltale sign the Squishes were on the move. They told me that you would hear dogs going crazy, barking and howling way down the road. Then you would hear dogs closer to Isabella reacting, and closer. Then Samantha and Ivy’s own pack of dogs would start going nuts barking, and their horses would snort and run wildly in their pen.

That meant the Squishes had arrived.”

What happened after that?

A weird and eerie night for Jim and I.

In addition to my account in Monster Hunters, Jim has also published his own account of his life as a Bigfooter titled Facing the Big Hairy Monkey-Thing: Looking for Sasquatch in the Real World.

For more info on ordering, check out the book’s Facebook page.

Tea Krulos is the author of Heroes in the Night and Monster Hunters: On the Trail With Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators, which is available now wherever books are sold.

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