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5 Fictional Games From Pop Culture That Should Be Real

Pop culture occasionally goes one step deeper; delivering a sense of reality that doesn’t exist, depicting new pop culture that exists solely within in the world of the books, television and movies in which it’s depicted.

Some, like Rollerball, support the entire plot, while others, like the chess set seen on the Millennium Falcon above, are only used to enrich the world of the story, in this case, Star Wars.

Some games, have since been realized, others never will, but many of the properties have found their way to online gaming as shown on William Hill’s slots site.

After the jump check out five games that exist within other pop culture properties.

Triad (Battlestar Galactica)

Within the Twelve Colonies, Triad is a type of bluffing card game similar to poker. The rules aren’t explained within the narrative of the series, but the hexagonal card faces feature abstract symbols and the back of the cards show a large star surrounded by a border with smaller stars. The highest winning hand, is “Full Colors” and when betting is concluded, players declare their hands.

Sabacc (Star Wars)

It’s the game that cost Lando Calrissian his ship, The Millennium Falcon, losing it to Han Solo.   The complex and unpredictable card game Sabacc features a deck of cards whose face value change at random during play.  With a potential winning hand turning into a losing one if not used at the right moment, made the game a challenge for even the best gamblers in the galaxy.

Ninja Ninja Revolution (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)

It’s the arcade game played throughout the film by Scott Pilgrim and Knives Chau which combines dancing with fighting moves.  It’s these moves that Scott uses in the finale to defeat the final evil ex, Gideon Graves.  Get your moves on and defeat NegaNinja.

Bonestorm (The Simpsons)

The must-have videogame for the holiday season, the violent videogame with the aggressive marketing campaign.  Who doesn’t want to play the game that tells it’s audience in the commercial, “So tell your folks: ‘Buy me Bonestorm or go to Hell!'”?

 Tri-Dimensional Chess (Star Trek)

The evolution of the classic game of logic evolved into the twenty third century and became a regular past time for members of Starfleet and was a particularly satisfying experience for logic based Vulcans such as Mr. Spock.  This game has actually become a reality and there are several different rules available based upon the standards originally created in 1976 by Andrew Bartmess.

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