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Audio Books Get Heaving Bosoms, What Are Books, Alex?, O’Connor Gets Stamped & More!

By Alex C. Telander

Bookish Cosplay 
Looking for some awesome book-related costumes.

Kids Need Queer Books 
It’s often hard to find queer books, so here’s a good list to help you.

Great Books by Women 
There are obviously a lot of these, but here are four recommended ones.

Awesome YA Dragon Books 
Dragons will always be cool and in style and here are some great current dragon YA books.  For humans, not dragons.  Duh.

Bookish Jeopardy 
You think you know about books? Test out your Jeopardy-related knowledge with these book answers.

Harlequin Audio 
One of the biggest publishers of romance books is turning to audiobooks. One wonders how steamy they’ll get.

Remembering Tanish Lee 
On the remembering this great author of numerous fancy books.

Flannery O’Connor Stamp 
The wonderful short story writer Flannery O’Connor is being honored with a commemorative stamp.

Books for Reluctant Readers 
Sometimes it can be tough getting 12-13 year-olds to read and enjoy reading, so here’s a great recommended list for this age group that will have them gobbling up words in no time.

Greatest American Authors 
Here’s something to get your ire up, with the greatest American authors according to Book Riot.

Books and Backpacking 
A great how-to guide to head out in to the great outdoors with as many books as possible.

YA Books for Black Girls 
They are sadly far and few between and finding diverse YA literature can be hard, so here’s a handy list to make it easier.

Roller Coaster for Books 
A certain library in Hungary has devised a way to get books fast and give them a fun ride.

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