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Being Prepared For Comic Conventions Means Having Fun at Comic Conventions

This post brought to you by eBay. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Forces of Geek.

The term “Comic Con” has ubiquitously replaced “comic” for “pop culture”.

As the largest shows like San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con have expanded their focus to film and television, audiences and attendees have grown enormously, easily bringing in audiences of over 100,000 attendees.

With so many people attending, shows are getting larger and as a result, at times, harder to navigate. We’ve put together a list of must haves to fully prep for any and every single one of your Comic Con experiences.

1. Bring a Good Bag

Any number of backpacks or messenger bags do the job. Personally, my favorite is ThinkGeek’s Bag of Holding. It’s available in several different designs and holds virtually EVERYTHING.

2. Comfortable Shoes

The bigger the show, the more walking you’re going to be doing. All day. And most conventions are held in locations with unforgiving concrete floors. A good pair of comfortable shoes will make both you and your feet thankful by the time you get back to your hotel room.

3.  Cash

Although it’s likely that most dealers will have a way to swipe your credit card through their smart phone, it’s easier to make sure that you have some cash on you at all times. Plus, having some money in a safe place in case of an emergency is always a good thing.

4. Water and Snacks

Prices are crazy anywhere near a show. Make sure you pack a water bottle (you can refill it at the show) and bring some Power Bars and nuts to keep your energy level up throughout the day. Have breakfast before the show and take some time to go to meet friends and meet at a restaurant outside of the show for lunch away from the chaos.

5. Essential Gadgets

We’ve actually put together a gadget guide through eBay of some of the essential technology you should bring. One of the things I like best about eBay is the sheer volume of selection and prices. You can start looking for something specific and wind up discovering something that you didn’t even know existed.

Be sure to check out our guide and remember that eBay Deals is a great way to find the items you want at a great price.


Remember, going to a convention is supposed to be a fun experience. Preparing in advance will take most of the potential stress away so you can focus on having a good time!

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