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Hogwarts Goes Center Stage, Jurassic Books, Best Indie Bookstores & More!

By Alex C. Telander

Epic Fantasy Debut
Ten epic debut fantasies coming out that The Huffington Post says you won’t want to miss.

Best Indies
The Guardian presents their picks for the ten best independent bookstores on the planet, with Powell’s in Portland, Oregon coming out number 1.

Speculative Swears
What cussing and swearing looks like in speculative fiction.

Literary SF
Take a literary walking tour of the historic city of San Francisco.

Penguin Reshuffle
Some imprints are changing at Penguin Random House and Berkeley is becoming bigger.

Norton Lending Library
Norton will be making their entire catalog, including backlist, available in ebook edition for libraries in the near future.

Now that you’ve got your Jurassic World fix, here are five awesome books featuring some truly awesome dinosaurs.

Driving with Words
Some top recommended audiobooks for your road tripping this summer.

Preschool Transgender
Some recommended transgender and gender creative books for preschoolers.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
So you knew there was going to be more Harry Potter stuff being released, but I be you didn’t know there was going to be a stage play.

India Booksellers Bucking the Trend
What some booksellers are doing in independent bookstores in India to change the way people sell books.

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