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PF Flyers – My Summer Kicks (review)

This post brought to you by PF Flyers. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Forces of Geek.

Summer has arrived, which means longer days, shorter nights, and an overall sense of freedom not found during the colder months. It also means that with the good weather, spontaneity is suddenly possible. And what that means is that because anything can happen, you should be ready for anything to happen.

Which is why my go-to summer footwear is the PF Flyers Center Hi sneaker. This classic design features their patented (since 1933) famous Posture Foundation insert which provides both comfort and support. Made from vulcanized rubber and canvas, this shoe invokes instant nostalgia.

After developing both several lines of vulcanized athletic shoes, oxfords, heels and boots and his Posture Foundation insole, in 1937 BF Goodrich launched the brand name PF.

Standard issue in the US Army, the shoes also became a cultural phenomenon back home. It was the sneaker worn by basketball’s first superstar, Bob Cousy and had lines that appealed to both men and women. Despite selling $29 million in shoe sales in 1971, Goodrich decided to quit the business and sold the brand, where is slowly drifted into obscurity.

This sneaker gained instant acclaim with it’s appearance in the 1993 movie, The Sandlot, where the narrator tells us that, this sneaker is “guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher.”

Purchased by New Balance in 2001, the PF Flyers brand was relaunched in 2003 and has once again become a classic premium sneaker that’s a model of American style.

Now, far from being a kid, and certainly don’t run particularly fast or jump particularly high, but I do love this sneaker.

It’s stylish enough to wear out for a night out and comfortable enough to wear all day long. What also makes the PF Flyers brand so unique is that all of their sneakers are retro cool, but the selection is different enough to allow you to Unfollow The Crowd and find a shoe that matches your own personality and style.

If you shop now at their site, you can discover a number of really neat designs that captures both nostalgia and an overall sense of Americana.

For me personally, another really cool aspect of PF Flyers is that they were tied into the original Jonny Quest animated series.

PF Flyers are a well priced, fantastic sneaker that provides hip style with a history of coolness to back it up. Check out PF Flyers on Tumblr to see the sneakers in their natural environment.

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1 Comment

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