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The Retro Report: THE FUGITIVE Runs Again, Self-Awareness in MAYBERRY, MOORE Richards Than Petrie & More!

Upstairs, Downstairs on PBS in the 70s’ did it eons before Dowton Abbey on PBS since 2010.

The first two seasons of Lois & Clark, the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the first season of Wonder Woman, and the first two seasons of Life Goes On were the best seasons.

Ed Asner’s Axel Jordache character from Rich Man, Poor Man was like Lou Grant on steroids.

The writing on the classic 70’s Saturday morning animated Star Trek series was superior to anything, animated or otherwise, daytime or primetime, on TV at the time. 

Stargate SG-1 was always superior to any of the Star Trek TV sequels. Many episodes of The Twilight Zone inspired the original Star Trek series.

The Fugitive TV remake (starring Tim Daly) of 2000 was a fine redo of the original show (starring David Jansen), while The Fugitive feature film of 1993 (starring Harrison Ford) remains the best small-to-big-screen TV-to-movie movie in history. Hopefully, the new Fugitive feature in development will at least match it.

Andy Griffith is the only one acting too aware of being in a TV reunion movie in 1985’s Return to Mayberry.

Mary Tyler Moore is playing Mary Richards instead of Laura Petrie in 2004’s Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited special, and is the only one out of character.

A music legend turned 57 on June 6th.

Happy Birthday to the artist now once again known as Prince.

Peace to lovers of all things classic.

Writer/producer Herbie J Pilato is the Founder of The Classic TV Preservation Society.  
He’s also the author of several critically-acclaimed, top-selling classic TV books.   Log on to his Author Page at
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