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The Retro Report: Keep Guests On The Couch, A Heavy FLO, Bring Back a Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Rock N’ Roll & More!

While ABC never gave Life With Lucy a fair shake back in 1986 on Saturday nights, they could make up for it by bringing back Donny & Marie to Friday nights today, and an all-new Dark Shadows (with cameos from those few-remaining cast members of the original DS) back to daytime every day (with a combination of the old and an all-new storylines).

Hiroshi Koizumi, who performed in Toho Studio’s initial Godzilla movies, succumbed to pneumonia at age 88 on May 31.

Kojak debuted on CBS around the same time that Kodiak and Kolchak: The Night Stalker debuted on ABC, some of which had to be sponsored (if not filmed!) by Kodak.

The first two years of Happy Days, the first three years of The King of Queens and the first five seasons of Seinfeld are pure gold.

Flo, the sequel to Alice, had way too many characters.

Carol Burnett and Tim Conway should do a new sitcom together.

Reba was the last great, family sitcom, and Bob Schieffer was the last great network news anchor.

Talk shows were more fun when the audience was kept in the dark (literally), all the guests stayed (on the sofa) for the entire show, and the hosts actually let their guests talk. Merv, Mike, Johnny and Dinah – where are you?!

NBC’s The Tonight Show (12/5/75) featuring host Johnny Carson, and guests Michael Caine, Sean Connery and David Brenner

Peace to lovers of all things classic.

Writer/producer Herbie J Pilato is the Founder of The Classic TV Preservation Society.  
He’s also the author of several critically-acclaimed, top-selling classic TV books.   Log on to his Author Page at
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