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When Ripoffs Fail: The Inevitable MAC AND ME Flashback

Popular trends always start with something groundbreaking.  Today’s Kim Kardashian fascination started with Paris Hilton’s combined Simple Life television show and gonzo pornography released in the early ’00s. 

My Little Pony started the same way…

…but you know, fewer selfies and less porn.

In the ’80s, it was all about E.T. The Extra Terrestrial;  a movie about an alien stranded on earth, taken in by a young boy and his siblings.

It taught a generation about caring for the distressed, that pure love can concur any obstacle, and the importance of true friendship.

Like those of its kind, it transcended the label “movie” into a true film.

However, as much as Forces of Geek wants me to review good things, I’m simply a glutton for the worst of the worst so I’ll be looking at the bastard son of E.T.

MAC and Me.

MAC and Me (1988) was a film about a “Mysterious Alien Creature” (MAC) and his/her family that was sucked up into a NASA spacecraft as it was taking soil samples and brought back to earth.  When they reached earth, they escaped using their powers (because ALL aliens have super powers); however, they were separated and MAC ended up with this kid in a wheelchair, Eric Cruise (Jade Calegory).

MAC compromises his hiding place and saves Eris when the disabled boy falls off of a huge cliff and almost drowns – you may have seen this sequence a number of times on a recurring  Conan O’Brien sketch with Paul Rudd.

Now you get where the gag came from.

Anyway, the rest of the film is pretty much by-the-numbers “1980s alien meets kid” movie: Eric is helping MAC find his family while on the run from the government.  The weird part, though, is the ending…


… when, after bringing Eric back to life, the government grants MAC and his family citizenship?

I mean, I guess they lived happily ever after at taxpaying American citizens with jobs and school and stuff.  But, you’d think that those involved would want to figure out where they came from and maybe explore THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF MANKIND. 

They don’t even need to experiment on the alien family as most of the movies show this as the worst case scenario – how about trying to communicate with the cognizant beings, bringing them back to their home world (which we can do because, well, we did it before), and structuring a bridge between us and them.

To tell you the truth, dear reader, the only reason I chose this movie is because I remember the weird blow up doll-looking alien and did a little research into what the hell it was. 

I didn’t expect much and MAC and Me didn’t disappoint.

In conclusion, avoid MAC and Me; especially if you have fond memories of watching this flick as a kid.  I don’t really know WHY you would have fond memories of MAC and Me, seeing as how this is a really bad movie, but I digress.

Just say no and watch E.T. – it’s the better choice; but, if you must…

Until next time…

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