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3M Privacy Filter Keeps People Out of My Business

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As someone who spends a minimum of 12 hours a day sitting behind my keyboard, more often than not, half of those hours are spent doing so at a coffee ship.

After a recent remodel, a number of small tables were removed and replaced with a large communal table. And although there are a number of friendly acquaintances also working at the table, there’s really nothing to protect my work or my privacy. Now, more than ever before, the combination of technology and worker mobility allows sensitive material to be accessed from a number of devices in public environments.

Using a screen while sitting directly behind the keyboard

According to “Risks & Rewards of Online & Mobile Health Services: Consumer attitudes Explored,” Ponemon Institute/Experian Data Breach Resolution Report in April 2014, over 51% of workers working in cafés report that their visual piracy has been violated. Sitting at a communal table with 11 other people every day means that 8 out of the 12 of us are displaying sensitive information (Thomson, Herbert H, PhD. “Visual Data Breach Risk Assessment Study.” 2010. People Consulting Services, commissioned by 3M.)

That’s an enormously high risk factor and a legitimate threat to organizations and businesses.

Having the opportunity to review a 3M Privacy Filter has been a much needed wake-up call. Granted, I’m not dealing with highly sensitive financial or personal information, but I am regularly dealing with embargoed information that’s my responsibility to protect.

As one looks from the side, the filter starts to work…

The Privacy Filter makes it difficult for prying eyes to see what I’m working on, only allowing someone looking directly at the monitor and not from the side to see what’s on the screen. I’ve already noticed people doing a double take as a casual glance only offers a black screen. The damage that one could do with intent could be damaging for business and relationships. Visual hacking is a legitimate threat, as sensitive, confidential or private information is being viewed or captured for unauthorized use, and visual privacy is an invasion as that sensitive information is being accessed visually via screens creating a security risk for organizations.  Learn More About Visual Hacking

It’s getting more impressive…

Fortunately, 3M offers Privacy Filters and Screen Protectors to help prevent visual hacking on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop screens. Utilizing advanced technology first developed by 3M, a pioneer of the original black-out privacy filters, the products allow users to see their screen clearly while prying eyes to the side of them see only a black screen.

Ta-daaaa! Keep your eyes to yourself.

And the company continues to innovate, focused on better protection for it’s customers. It’s far cheaper and easier for companies to invest in Privacy Filters as a precaution, rather facing a data breach that could cost millions of dollars in lost customers and irreparable damage to reputation.

Take the first step now; Learn More About 3M™ Privacy Products

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