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Getting Buzzed in The Library, Harper Lee: Scandal and Sales, Embracing Three Star Reviews & More!

By Alex C. Telander

Library Bars
Apparently there are 16 libraries in London that feature bars, and vice versa.

Lego Libraries & Bookstores 
We all loved Lego as kids, and here are some impressive libraries and bookstores made out of Lego.

Fear the Reading 
Here’s a survey of the top ten scariest books people have read; Stephen King makes most of the list.

Why You Should Read Go Set a Watchman 
Harper Lee’s new novel has been receiving a lot of discussion from both the for and against sides, but here’s an article on why you shouldn’t care and just read it.

Go Set a Watchman Sales 
After the first week, sales for Harper Lee’s novel have been going rather well.

How to Host an Anne of Green Gables Party 
If you’re truly obsessed, here’s how you can get all the necessary pieces to make a party that is off the hook.

Books About Being Adult 
There are some adults out there who have problems accepting their station in life. Here are some books to help them with that.

Three-Star Reviews 
Why we need to understand that three-star reviews aren’t necessarily bad reviews.

Remembering E. L. Doctorow 
On the passing of this well-known author and what he will be remembered by.

Diverse Fantasy 
How about you read some fantasy that intentionally features a diverse cast, a sad lacking in a lot of fantasy.

Feminist YA Books 
Sometimes it’s hard to find books with good female role models, let alone young adult books. Here are some recommended YA ones.

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