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Double Feature Movie Show: IT’S ALL IN YOUR MIND

We all have voices in our head, no matter what you say. (SHUT UP!)

The inner monologue that basically help us to make decisions throughout our lives.

Sometimes, those inner voices take on lives of their own.

Here are a couple great inner monologue movies.

Directed by Pete Docter / Ronnie Del Carmen
Story by Pete Docter / Ronnie Del Carmen/
Screenplay by Meg LeFauve / Josh Cooley / Pete Docter

Pixar can basically do no wrong.

As long as there aren’t tons of cars involved, their movies are amazing. Inside Out, though, is something else entirely. This movie touched on feelings that many people didn’t even know they had. When my therapist told me about it, he had nothing but amazing things to say about how great of a depiction of depression and coming to terms with change it really was.

It hit all the crossroads and all of the emotions, showing what real people go through when something big changes in their lives.

That, in itself, is pretty glowing praise.

Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) is a young girl who has had a basically happy life. She’s grown up in the same house in the northern part of the country where she was a star hockey player and a good kid. When her dad (Kyle MacLachlan) has to uproot the family to San Francisco, she is understandably upset. What about her friends? And will they have hockey?

Inside her head, her feelings start going a little wonky.

Joy (Amy Poehler) has always been the leader of the pack. Fear, Anger and Disgust (Bill Hader, Lewis Black and Mindy Kaling) have always taken a bit of a backseat and been ok to do it. Sadness (Phyllis Smith), though, was a little different. She shrank to the back, but she had to be contained. When she touched any of the memories, she instantly turned them sad, no matter how happy they once were.

When Joy and Sadness accidentally get taken from the control room, they have to find their way back.

That means that Fear, Anger and Disgust are taking over, making Riley lash out or just not feel anything.

Absolute depression.

Such a beautiful film that really takes us inside the mind of someone who is hurting in ways that they can’t understand. (And a few other people, too. Stick around through the credits.)

Directed by Ron Underwood
Written by Gregory Hansen / Erik Hansen / Brent Maddock/ SS Wilson

Thomas Riley (Robert Downey, Jr) has been watched out for by four ghosts his whole life.

Milo (Tom Sizemore) is a petty thief looking to return something he stole. Julia (Kyra Sedgwick) is a waitress who turned down her boyfriend’s proposal. Penny (Alfre Woodard) is a single mother who left three kids behind. Harrison (Charles Grodin) is a singer who quit an audition because of his stage fright.

They become invisible to Thomas when they realize that they’re actually hurting him. After he grows up, they find out that they were supposed to be fixing the problems of their lives through Thomas. Now they’ve got one last chance…but they also want to help Thomas with his relationship with Anne (Elisabeth Shue).

Hilarity, of course, ensues.

The four ghosts end up being the conscience of Thomas, who has turned into a fairly unscrupulous businessman. Underneath it all, though, he’s still a decent human being and they need to bring that out in him. If they have to occasionally take his body over to do it, so be it!

Downey, of course, is great. He does, after all, have to play his role and all four of the ghosts, too. But it’s the four ghosts who own this movie.

Whether being played by the four amazing actors or by Downey, they’re hilarious and heartwarming.

It’s not a great film, but it’s a lot of fun and, ultimately, one of those movies that actually deserves to be called “life-affirming.”

Definitely one to be included on a list of “good romantic comedies.”

If you’ve ever felt like someone else was helping you make your decisions, these movies are for you. Even if you don’t, watch them anyway.

Especially Inside Out.

Just such a great movie.

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