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Banned Books, Doctor Moreau Returns, Reading Potter-esque & More!

By Alex C. Telander

Banned Books 
It’s banned books week and hears your URL HQ for everything books that people don’t want you to read.

Genre Kryptonite 
Check out this list of books for those horror books that stray over into dark humor.

Bookish Beer Shirts 
You wouldn’t think books and beer go together, at least not that easily. Where he are some T-shirts that say otherwise.

Kid Screams 
Some recommended scary children’s books to get your heart rate going with Halloween just around the corner.

Lit Pets 
Okay, you’ve decided to get a pet but you don’t know what to name it. Well here are some literary exotic pet names to get you started.

Moreau TV Series 
A TV series adaptation is being made of H. G. Wells’s The Island of Dr. Moreau featuring an interesting alteration to the main character.

If You Like Harry Potter 
You may have just finished up the Harry Potter book series for the hundredth time and you’ll looking for something else in that vein. Here are some recommendations.

Honoring James Patterson 
The National Book Foundation is honoring bestselling author James Patterson for all the work and donating he has done to bookstores and libraries across the world.

22 patterns for those knitting projects with a literary lilt.

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