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How Your Passion for Technology Can Lead to a Better Life

If you consider “geek” and “nerd” to be compliments, then this post is for you.

It is possible to turn your geeky passion into a rewarding new career. Emerging technologies are creating jobs, and your dream to work in a geeky field is a now a reality.

Advancements in innovation have led to some awesome new jobs, and landing a new career is as simple as defining exactly what you’d like to do.

Choosing a Career Path

What are your career goals? Defining your career goals is the first step in deciding which geeky career will improve the value of your life. Have you ever designed a computer? Are you good at coding? Have you done any technical writing? Are you into cosplay?

There are lots of ways to be geeky and get paid for it, but some sectors pay more than others. For example, technical innovations in the healthcare sector have led to more job opportunities. Although there are plenty of jobs for computer installers and Internet website managers, these positions typically don’t pay as much as healthcare positions.

Popular Mechanics reports that “the big data revolution is leading systems,” so if you’re skilled at data protection, analytics, or data storage, you could find a position managing business data. Big data and The Internet of Things are buzz words in the tech sectors because they’re the technologies that will define our future in the short term. The Internet of Things is the inclusion of the Internet in everyday objects, such as appliances and furniture.

Here are some of the more popular jobs:

  • Computer programmer 
  • Desktop publisher
  • Electronics engineer 
  • Forensics 
  • Information security 
  • Web analyst

If you carefully consider what your skills are, you should be able to land on something technology-driven that satisfies your geeky nature and your desire to earn money.

Want to Stand Out? Get a Degree

A background in your chosen field helps, but an education is often the top requirement of employers. According to CBS News, “hiring standards are rising.” More than half of the country’s employers require a college education (at a minimum they require an associate’s degree, but bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD’s are even better).

The technology sector is no different – degrees matter. So, if you’re looking to embrace your geeky side, and get a job in the technology sector, you’re going to need a degree. If you’re thinking, I can’t afford it or I don’t have the time or money to sit in a classroom all day, don’t worry because you can get financial aid and/or take your classes online. Schools, such as Gwynedd Mercy University, offer online and classroom courses and 91 percent of the school’s students receive financial aid.

Be Driven to Succeed

No one lands his or her dream job without some gumption. If you truly want to make some changes, and land a fulfilling career, you’ll need to work hard and be driven toward success.

When it’s time to shoot for that perfect job, make sure you create a cover letter and resume that stands out. Make sure it includes all of your successes, as well your educational and work background. Your cover letter should highlight exactly why you want the job, so don’t shy away from being passionate. Let your geek flag fly, so to speak.

Amp up your resume with all your geekiest achievements and you may just end up with the career you want and a job that celebrates all your geekiest attributes.

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