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INFORMUCATE: Get The Important News You Need, Easier Than Ever

Although we now have more access to information than ever before, at times the sheer mass of it can be overwhelming.  As newspapers continue to die and sensationalized television news tends to gear toward human interest, most of us get our news on the go, on phones and tablets, often on social media.

And therein lies the rub.  Receiving the news via social media isn’t particularly reliable.  You have to navigate through the interests and memes of what your friends are posting.  There might be a story of interest or two that actually delivers news, but it’s likely biased or sensationalized or both.

Which is why I think is delivering a much needed service, providing All the News in Just 12 Views.  

Each of the dozen articles are a highly condensed, bloat free source of information that allows you to get an overview of the day’s most important stories in approximately 6 minutes.

In addition, there are additional features such as a fast facts video encyclopedia which includes fun daily trivia and other short videos on subjects including, dogs, cats, US Presidents, colleges, holidays, and more.

Be sure to check out.  Why stay out of the loop when it’s so easy to be in it?

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