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Rowling Reports Sorting Hat Decisions, Jekyll and Hyde Come To ITV, Wonderland Interpreted Five Ways & More!

By Alex C. Telander

The Digital Debate is Done 
The Guardian on the of the digital debacle between print books and ebooks.

Down the Rabbit Hole 
5 Alice in Wonderland retellings you probably haven’t heard of.

Rad Bookshelves 
You may think your ordinary looking bookshelves need a face-lift or a new look. Well here are 19 different ideas.

Riot Round-up 
The best books Book Rioters read in August.

Adaptation News 
A look at what books are being adapted to the big screen.

Hogwarts in Oklaholma City 
Middle-school special education teacher creates Harry Potter themed classroom.

Game of Thrones Recs 
Here are some Game of Thrones-related recommendations that are non-fantasy for those wanting less dragons and magic.

Book Cartography 
An interview with some people who make maps for books and how it’s all done.

New Jekyll & Hyde 
ITV has released a first look at its 10-part adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

J.K. Rowling Tweets Future of Harry Potter Characters
Welcomes James Sirius Potter and Teddy Lupin into Hogwarts houses.



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