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Stream On: Essential Halloween Movies on Netflix

By Erin Maxwell

The spooky season of Halloween is upon us. The time of year when ghosts, ghouls and disgruntled dentists surround the living, who dress up as the living dead (or the sexy living dead) in an effort to blend in and impress at parties.

At theaters and on streaming, the Halloween season is honored with its fair share of scarers. Creepy movies filled with blood and guts to put audiences in the mood for the Witching Hour.

So be it preteen gals gathering for sleepover rituals filled with frights or good buddies congregating with alcoholic spirits to enjoy spirits of a supernatural kind, here is a list of the best horror pics to stream to get you in the mood for All Hallow’s Eve.

(Small note: This list is by far not a full list of all the axe-wielding maniacs available on Netflix. There are many great movies on there. But is a personal list of what would be great for a group of sickos looking to drink Merlot with their bloodfeast.)

Super scary (and fun) movies perfect for private viewing parties now available on Netflix:

Day of the Dead

Just because zombies are now an overplayed staple of American culture doesn’t mean you should overlook this 1985 classic. An outstanding chapter in George Romero’s  ___ of the Dead franchise, Day features the outstanding work of Tom Savini and a whole host of brain-craving undeads, including Bub, the only zombie to master a rotary style phone and to shave.

Don’t Look Now

Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie are grieving parents haunted by the memory of their daughter in this shocker that never fails for provide perfect WTF moments. Great performances surrounded by “Holy Shit” scarer make this thriller a perfect pic for friend gatherings.

From Dusk ‘Till Dawn

Robert Rodriguez-helmed vampire flick where it is harder to believe that George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino are brothers than vamps running a brothel in Mexico. That said, Salma Hayek’s whiskey dance, makeup mastermind Tom Savini’s turn as Sex Machine and the bloodbath and aftermath of the vamp attack put this on the list.


The movie that set the standard for slasher killer pics as a Halloween treat. Masked maniacs, screaming babysitters and a residential neighborhood rocked by a sinister secret, John Carpenter’s Halloween is the movie that keeps on giving. No October would be complete without it.

The Host

Bong Joon-Ho’s offers up with South Korean seamonster tale with a distinct look and feel that can send shivers down your spine. Part family drama and part classic horror movie with a modern feel, this scarer featuring a giant tentacled sperm was one of South Korea’s most successful pic of all time. Check it out when you have the gang over.

The Monster Squad

So, I’m cheating here. There is nothing scary about this movie, but you will always get a great group reaction to “Wolfman has nards.”

The Omen

Nothing is scarier than an solemn little boy in a suit. Richard Donner’s take on the next coming of the Anti-Christ made every pre-teen gal with a babysitting gig rethink their method in earning spending cash. Gregory Peck delivers a mesmerizing performance of a father racked with guilt at the prospect of raising the son of Satan.


A truly fantastic experience in any group setting is to find the one member of your friend group that hasn’t seen Re-Animator and invite them over for a viewing. The real entertainment begins with their reaction of the undead and slightly headless Dr. Hill attempt to give a little oral love to love-time crush Megan. Stuart Gordon’s take on the H.P. Lovecraft tale of love, death and obsession is more slices than scares, but still a damn fun movie.


James Wan’s sinister whodunit gave birth to the torture porn genre and a franchise that continues to inspire countless Halloween haunted houses and mazes throughout the country. Before the sequels became over complicated Rube Goldberg mechanism of death, check out the clever original that inspired a thousand knockoffs.


The late, great Wes Craven revitalized the slasher movie genre with the uber meta Scream. Featuring flocks of great looking teenagers getting hacked to death by a masked man led to new blood in the genre and a rebirth of cinematic gore.

Tales From The Darkside

Why settle on one more when you can have a plethora to choose from? In addition to the fun little stories of bite-size horror, pic features all of your favorite actors back when they shared apartments with acting class buddies. Also, Blondie plays a witch. So there’s that.

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