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Bringing The Force Home With Iconic STAR WARS Canvas Prints

Star Wars: The Force Awakens lands in UK cinemas on December 17th, and anticipation is already running high. It has been a whole decade since the last movie was released, so fans are getting very excited. Merchandise is already on sale, and there are a whole host of ways to bring the artwork of the movie to your own home.

Get ready for the big release and add some Star Wars themed prints to your walls today.

Canvas prints are a fantastic way to create art out of the movies you love. You can relive your favourite scenes over again and make a unique feature that adds drama to your living space. Easy to hang yourself and available in a variety of sizes, canvas prints give you the ability to customise any room. They are perfect for rented homes as they do not damage walls, and they can be changed or moved whenever you like to suit your tastes.

Star Wars merchandise has supported the film franchise for years and fans are committed to acquiring collectibles and memorabilia from the series. The Force Awakens looks set to smash box office records and is sure to be a huge hit with audiences, so the demand for Star Wars products is high. With the holiday season just around the corner, Star Wars gifts are sure to be high on fans’ wish lists as well. Consider picking up some Star Wars canvas prints for yourself or a loved one.

Star Wars is a classic series and loved by millions. Iconic scenes from the movies are recognised the world over. When you are looking for a scene to immortalise on canvas, you will be spoiled for choice. Consider some of the following suggestions for your own wall:

Star Wars Vintage Covers

From Darth Vader to the Millennium Falcon, the original covers can be purchased as beautiful glossy prints. Fans of the original Marvel comics will love the retro feel of the covers, and they will look right at home in a variety of living spaces.

Landscapes and portraits

The stunning CGI backdrops of all the Star Wars movies are art in themselves, and if you love unusual landscape prints in bold, bright colours then these could be right for your canvases. You could also select a classic image of your favourite character to hang on your wall.

Movie scenes

Everyone has a different favourite scene from the Star Wars films. Perhaps you want to capture the romance of Han and Leia’s tale or the action of the Death Star attack. Star Wars is a visual feast and there are so many different scenes you could select.

The Force Awakens
is bringing us new characters, new parts of the world and a glimpse into the future of the Star Wars universe.

If you want some up to date wall art, consider a Force Awakens canvas print featuring BB-8 or one of the other great new additions to the Star Wars family.  Be sure to check out the infographic below, which depicts the evolution of canvas printing.

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