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Gotham Becomes Reality in China

A new casino resort in Macau, China is bringing Gotham City to life. The £1.2 billion attraction will feature a complex of rides, bars, restaurants and hotel rooms alongside the new casino. At the centre of the building, the main feature is a 426ft Ferris wheel: the tallest in Asia, according to developers. Studio City has secured Time Warner’s permission to use the Batman franchise for the new resort, which has been put together by Lawrence Ho and Melco Crown Entertainment.

The building itself was designed to look just like Gotham City, the dark city inhabited by Batman and his nemeses.

First published by DC Comics in 1939, the Batman series has been loved by generations of children and adults since. The towering skyscrapers and bright lights of the new casino look just like the screen images of the city, so from the moment you arrive at the casino you know something special is about to happen. Inside, the rides and attractions are built into the complex itself, so you can try out different experiences as you go.

Make sure to try out the games while you are there. Macau’s casinos are famed throughout China and the new Studio City is sure to break all gambling records in the coming years. The casino has slots to suit players on all budgets, and there are 250 tables offering blackjack, poker, roulette and more. You might not become a billionaire like Batman, but you can certainly get a taste of the high life in the extravagant, elegant casino. While you play, hosts will bring you drinks and snacks so you can stay refreshed – and in between games, you can explore the rest of the casino resort’s offerings, if you are planning a trip here you might want to take this quiz to see how your casino skills fair up and what level you are at.

Virtual reality fans will want to try the real Batman experience through the simulator, which gives a virtual tour of the real Gotham City and allows guests to tackle different situations as the Caped Crusader himself. The Wonder Woman go-cart track will be a hit with adults and children alike. Superman will also get a mention, as the DC licensing extends to many of the franchise’s characters.

You will not even need to leave the casino, as the 1,600 rooms are open to guests. Stay in the heart of the action and find everything you need on your doorstop. The restaurants serve a range of international cuisine with something to suit all tastes, and there is nightly entertainment at many of the complex’s bars and clubs. Studio City also features a 5,000-seat theatre which will host shows and concerts for guests every weekend.

If you want to visit a unique destination that offers something for the whole family, Studio City is the place to be. A trip there would make a great treat for a Batman fan. From gaming to rides and food, you will find something new to do every single day. Be sure to check out that Batman VR experience: it is not to be missed!

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