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BODY (review)

Review by Joshua Gravel
Produced by Bryan Gaynor, Michael W. Gray,
Chadd Harbord
Written and Directed by Dan Berk, Robert Olsen
Starring Helen Rogers, Alexandra Turshen,
Lauren Molina, Larry Fessenden

Three college age friends at home for Christmas vacation are looking for some fun when one of them brings the other two to her vacationing uncle’s empty mansion.

After a lot of drinking and goofing around it is revealed that this isn’t an uncle’s housem but rather the house of a family the girl used to babysit for and she knew they would be on vacation.

Unfortunately, this is when a groundskeeper shows up to check on the house and in the confusion and panic one of the girls pushes him down the stairs, breaking his neck.

The girls devise a plan until they realize that the groundskeeper isn’t dead, as they believed.

A slick and good-looking film, Body, moves at a brisk pace, but unfortunately that’s about it.

While the movie started off fairly well with a few laughs and set’s up some potential in the characters, it soon becomes downright lazy with predictable plot twists and a complete lack of tension.

Despite solid performances, the characters have little to no depth and simply make a series of bad decisions.  These characters are filled with privilege and entitlement, which lets provides some false security in believing that their actions are without any ramifications.

In short, Body is a thriller devoid of any horror, anxiety, or tension.  Instead, it’s about privileged people, who do bad things and believe that there should be no consequence based on who they are.  In fact the only relatable character is the dying groundskeeper who we know almost nothing about. I spent Body’s relatively short running time waiting for an expected twist or a character beat that could make me empathize with the girls, but neither of those gifts arrived in time for this Christmas-set movie.

Don’t bother watching Body.  It accomplishes little other than sacrificing one’s time and money.

Body is in limited release and arrives on VOD December 29th
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