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It’s a GARBAGE PAIL KIDS Flashback!

Welcome to the first ever Flashback to the Present Anniversary! Seeing as how we now have 50 articles under our belt, I figured we could have this wonderful article in beautiful Korea Town, Los Angeles at the ever classy Monte Carlo Bar!

I’m looking out at this star-studded crowed, and couldn’t be prouder at how far Flashback to the Present has come. Jack Nicholson is here tonight. You all know Jack… and look! Oh my god it’s George Clooney! You guys are the best! What’s that George? Damon couldn’t make it so you took Ron Jeremy? Awwww, it’s okay!

Good to see you again, Ron!

Poor fella got himself all tuckered out….

Anyway, for the special anniversary article, I’m going to be writing about the one, the only…

Garbage Pail Kids!

Released to the public in 1985, Garbage Pail Kids were created by Art Spiegelman – yes, THAT Art Spiegelman; the one with the Pulitzer Prize for his seminal work Maus.

So Spiegelman was an art consultant at Topps Trading Cards in the mid-eighties and came up with the idea of parodying the Cabbage Patch Kids by featuring similar-looking characters with “comical physical abnormalities.”

Really, they were funny freaks that were so ridiculously deformed you had to laugh…

So in 1985 they released The Garbage Pail Kids and Topps couldn’t rake in the money fast enough; it was a super hit, spawning more cards, a cartoon series and even a live action movie.

But something so “controversial” couldn’t just be a smash without any speed bumps along the way. First is that little parody issue – since Garbage Pail Kids were supposed to be mutant versions of Coleco’s Cabbage Patch Kids, Coleco wasn’t too happy so a legal battle ensued.

Topps eventually settled, and as a part of the settlement they had to change the look a tad so the characters wouldn’t be AS close to the Cabbage Patch Kids. Honestly, I don’t think much changed, but it is a parody so there isn’t really that much that Coleco could have done.

Second, and this was a BIG one, parents HATED them. There was a big uproar about how disgusting they were and the schools across America wanted them banned. This is something I remember pretty well, because as you know the more a parent hates something the more kids wanted them.

To tell you the truth, none of the above things effected the Garbage Pail Kids more than the market itself – that is to say, children think things are hot for a split second then they don’t. By roughly 1988 The Garbage Pail Kids weren’t really “cool” any more and the sales quickly dropped.

However, they made their disgusting mark in society. Garbage Pail Kids were bought and traded for years and, because of the nostalgic factor, had a re-release years later. Even today Topps continues to release Garbage Pail Kids for those that fondly remember trading an “Adam Bomb” for a “Clogged Duane.”

Me, I always liked “Nasty Nick.”

So as we close this edition of FBTTP anniversary edition, I want to thank everyone who’s read us so far, from the celebrities in the audience to the folks at home enjoying Forces of Geek, and wish you all the happiest new year!

Until next time!

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