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FOG! Takes a Look at The DOKI DOKI Subscription Box From JAPANCRATE

I’m likely not the ideal customer for Japan Crate’s newest subscription box, Doki Doki, but it didn’t  skimp on charm.

Doki Doki Crate is a monthly supply of everything Kawaii (Japanese for “cute”). Inside you’ll find 8-10 items ranging from adorable plushies & squishies to collectible keychains, figures, apparel, miniatures, cooking utensils and more. 

“Doki Doki” refers to the sound of an excited heartbeat, which if I were a bigger fan of Kawaii culture, there’s no doubt that this is among the best subscription boxes I’ve seen.

In this particular bix, there were some really charming items.

Included within:

  • Panda Sleep Mask
  • Hello Kitty Blind Box: Contains one of five figurines to celebrate the icon’s 40th anniversary.
  • Totoro Desk Calendar:  From Miyazaki’s amazing anime.
  • Totoro Zipper Pouch: Perfect for pens, computer cables, or assorted trinkets.
  • Charizad Pikachu necklace: For the Pokemon fan in everyone.
  • Alpacasso Coin Purse
  • Nya-Kuma: Ridiculously adorable stuffed cat wearing pajamas.
  • Chibi Totoro: a tiny stuffed Totoro, that you can carry with you all of the time.
  • Henshin Awa Jelly DIY Kit: Make a delicious jello desert just by adding water.

The monthly crates are curated by Tomomi-chan and her friends. You can follow their adventures in the “manga-zine” included in each crate. Each cover can be opened to become a collectible kawaii mini poster.

This is definitely a crate for a particular taste, but at $30 a box (and free priority shipping), it’s actually pretty reasonable considering the contents within.   The selection is pretty neat, the quality is top notch and truly is a must have for “Kawaiians”.

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