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Interview conducted by Lenny Schwartz

Ken Marcus is the writer of the comic book Super Human Resources. He’s also a wonderful human being and supporter of indie comics. 
Ken and I got to talk about his book which volume one is available now and volume 2 is forthcoming.
Here we go!

FOG!: Ken, greetings! Before we get started talking about Super Human Resources, tell me a little about you and your history. I tried googling you and all I found was a “Ken Marcus erotica guy.” I’m assuming that’s not you. So tell us about you? 

Ken Marcus: Yes, whatever you do, do not go to while at the office. Seriously not safe for work. That’s a completely different guy. His job looks a lot more interesting than mine, I will say. Sidebar: every once in a while, I get some creepy message on Facebook or Linked In wanting to know if that’s me.

Um, it’s not.

As for my job, I’m a writer in advertising. I guess I’m most known for working on GEICO commercials like Hump Day, The Final Countdown, Salt N’ Pepa’s Push It and Peter Pan.

Before you hate me, in the “Plus” column I’m also a long-time comics fan. We’re about to publish the second volume of our comic Super Human Resources through Action Lab Entertainment.

Your book Super Human Resources is quite the read….how would you describe it to somebody who has never heard of it? 

The name is the pitch. Super Human Resources is about the HR department of the world’s greatest super team. It’s about all the stuff that goes on behind the panels of your favorite comic book. In Volume II, we really take the concept and run with it. To other dimensions and galaxies. Ultimately, it’s about what it’s like to work alongside the weirdest co-workers of all: Super heroes. Or as our tagline says: With great power comes great stupidity.

What’s the history of this book? It looks like it’s been around awhile. 

About seven years ago, we published our first volume through Ape Entertainment. The sequel has been long in the works. Too long, to be honest. And now, we’re rebirthing or rebooting or reborning Super Human Resources. Whatever the Big Two are calling it nowadays. And we’re quite lucky to be published through Action Lab, who also publish a lot of great creator-owned books like Princeless, Stray, Molly Danger, Hero Cats, Awake…among others.

The artist on this book is Justin Bleep. Where did you two meet and what’s he doing these days? 

Are you as jealous of his last name like I am? Justin is also the co-creator of Super Human Resources. He was also the artist of our Volume One trade, in Previews now. I was lucky to convince Justin to return as our cover artist for Volume Two. Like most enduring relationships, we met online. He’s also a very talented designer who pursued his passion to work for LEGO. And yes, his name is equally awesome. He used to be an EDM DJ and Justin Bleep was his stage name.

Our artist for Volume II is Armando Zanker. Who is also awesome. He has a kinetic, classically “animated” style. Which I think works really well for our second volume.

Who are some of your influences?

I’m a huge Simpsons fan. I like to say I learned more about writing from watching Seasons 3 to 10 than I learned anywhere else. I’m also a fan of Bloom County, Venture Brothers, Grant Morrison, Bob’s Burgers, Neal Stephenson among other random influences.

We all enjoy what we enjoy. What do you currently geek out about?

I can’t recommend The Expanse on Syfy enough. I’m a big fan of the show and the “Leviathan Wakes” books it’s based on. As for comics, I’ve been into Black Science, Annihilator, The Auteur, Saga, Walking Dead, Sex Criminals, Deadly Class, Lazarus and Invisible Republic. Off the top of my head. Oh and We Can Never Go Home. Really liked that book from Black Mask Studios.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me Ken. And everyone should take a moment and buy a copy of Super Human Resources!! 

Thanks! Please tell your comic book store about Super Human Resources. Our Volume I trade is in Previews now. MAR16 0995. And our new Volume II will be in Previews in April for June release.

This is important for indie comics. You have to let your retailers know if you want to see more of something.  

Thanks for having me!

 For more details, visit ActionLabComics and follow Ken @KenSuperHR
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