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WYNONNA EARP (television review)

Review by Lenny Schwartz

Wynonna Earp is a new television series coming to the Syfy channel based on the comic book series created by Beau Smith. Should you watch it? Well, I got to watch the first two episodes and my answer?

Well, this is not a show I would typically watch. Let me start out by saying that.

This show stars Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, a descendant of Wyatt Earp working for the Black Badge Division, a covert branch of the government that hunts and kills monsters. Earp has done some bad things in her life, and now is being forced into the role of the hero. Craziness ensues.

This show is being described as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Justified” and that sounds about right.

It’s fun for sure. Turn off your brain kind of fun. And that’s okay sometimes.

The first two episodes introduce us to Earp’s world. It’s a kooky place. The show moves at a brisk pace. None of it takes itself too seriously. Scorfano carries the lead role very well. She is a solid actress and does a good job holding our interest.

The first episode has Earp taking a job almost out of guilt. Some parts are very funny. There’s an interrogation scene in particular that is very well handled. I’m glad the show has a sense of humor. It never gets too serious. And the action scenes deliver. It’s a nice package through and through. It kind of reminded me of Veronica Mars a bit when it was good.

The show can be a bit heavy handed on the references. Like the town Earp is from? Purgatory. Kind of a groaner. There is a Doc Holiday character (Tim Rozon) which is kind of a groaner too…except Rozon is an engaging actor. I’ll forgive it though if the show can manage to remain interesting. It certainly has the promise that it could.

So should you watch this show? Why the hell not? It is solid and it could very well be a hit. For me the first two episodes were damn enjoyable. The stories are fun and well written. If they have a good story for the rest of the season and beyond? I can see this taking off. I certainly hope it does.


Wynonna Earp premieres Friday, April 1 on Syfy
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