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24 Hour Readathon, April Reads To Put You in Touch With Nature, Cumberbatch Does Some Strange Shipping & More!

Written by Alex C. Telander

BFG Update
Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s BFG now has a spiffy looking trailer.

5 Books to Watch for in April 
It’s a new month and here are some books you want want to check.

For Those Rainy Days 
Here are some kickass comic book umbrellas to show off when it’s raining, or just to show off.

The Pros of a Silmarillion Film
With the many movies of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, is The Silmarillion something that could possibly happen?

The Doctor Visits
Benedict Cumberbach paid a visit to a comic book store dressed as a rather Strange character!

How to Survive a 24-hour Readathon
You accepted the challenge and you want to read for a whole day and night. Here’s how you do it.

Nature-y books for April
Spring is here, everything is green and blooming, and here are some cool nature-y books to get you in the mood.

His Dark Materials Movie Update
Some more casting updates for the BBC adaptation of Phillip Pullman’s masterpiece trilogy.

Traveling Through Time
Here are some great works to historical fiction written by and about women that feel timeless.

Short First Lines
A weighing up of short first lines versus long first lines.

7 Kinds of Readers Parks & Rec Edition
Here’s your chance to diagnose yourself as a reader through the lens of Parks & Recreation.

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