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Ash & Hitler Jump on The COSMIC TREADMILL With Ian Edginton and Larry Watts

The name ‘Deadite Adolph Hitler’ is thrown around all too often these days. Luckily the folks at Space Goat (a real thing) have decided to clear the air and pit Ash against this very, very bad man.

The creative team behind EVIL DEAD 2: Revenge of Hitler, Ian Edginton and Larry Watts, took time out of their busy schedule to join us to talk this special ONE AND DONE™ (Stories so good…we don’t need 2!) comic!

From the trenches of Berlin to a trench mouth in Texas, here is everything you need to know about our groovy hero taking on a man so evil that he can’t be named, except that he can, and that name is Hitler.

FOG!: So…from reading your comic and watching a couple documentaries, this Hitler was kind of a jerk, right?

Larry Watts: A bit.

Ian Edginton: Actually, the scary thing is, is that he wasn’t. You don’t get to rally a nation behind you by playing the fool. It may seem that way, I mean take Donald Trump—that guy should be wearing clown shoes—but he tells people what they want to hear. He plays on their fears and insecurities. On their need to find easy scapegoats and solutions for larger, more complex issues of politics and policy.

You look at Donald Trump and you see a toupee wearing braggart and bully. You look at Hitler and you see a shouty little man with a dumb mustache that even Charlie Chaplin had the good sense to take off at the end of the day. But don’t be fooled, they were and are master manipulators. 

Wow, that got serious fast!

Who’s bright idea was it to let this ‘Hitler’ get reincarnated in the first place?

Larry: Shons’, probably.

[Shon is the president of Space Goat – ed.]

Ian: Blame the internet!

I was thinking of a way to bring him back and thought that with so much data on-line these days, it was inevitable that snippets from the Book of the Dead would get posted here and there. You’d maybe find them on historical and academic sites, then there are places that’d be into weird arcane stuff, goth and horror sites that sort of thing.

The internet wasn’t really as big a deal when the first couple of Evil Dead films came out but now its everywhere. It’s all pervasive.

Then into the mix you throw a Uwe Boll type film maker who’s scouring the internet for inspiration for his next magnum opus. He sees all this stuff on the Book of the Dead and starts to pulling to together and when his actors read those lines aloud…it’s the end of the world baby!

How is the reincarnated Hitler greeted when he materializes in modern day Berlin? With open arms?

Ian: Very sympathetically!  The first people he meets think he’s homeless or mentally ill and generously try to help him out. I mean, if you see someone who looks like an inked up, naked Hitler wandering around Berlin in the middle of winter, you might be right in thinking that he’s a few sandwiches short of picnic.

Larry: Well, he is butt naked in the snow… so it’s a mixed bag of emotions for everyone in that scene I’d imagine.

How in the blue blazes is Hitler even in the same room as Ash? I mean, Ash has been through some serious business but getting him near Hitler must have been a bit challenging. It took Tom Cruise like, three times, to try to blow him up in that Valkyrie movie.

Ian: I’ve been trying to think of something witty and erudite to say but all I have is, ‘Shit happens!’

Larry: Ash is that bumbling everyman hero that seems to work in any situation. He does have a little help from the Elder Gods though.

Art. Original Concept. Historical accuracy. Those attributes are all there. What was the most important of these to nail down when making EVIL DEAD 2: Revenge of Hitler #1?

Larry: Well for me, the concept was already there and I loved it. Art wise: The Chin… and The Mustache, those really important elements …

Ian: Ash kicking Hitler in the balls.

This is a ONE AND DONE comic from Space Goat. Is it the first of it’s kind? Can’t you have expanded this to a mini-series?

Ian: Maybe if we’d done a Legion of Super Nasties, along with Stalin, Attila the Hun that sort of thing.

Now that sounds like fun!

Can we expect Ash to star in more ‘ONE AND DONE’s? Who will he face next?

Larry: I’d say that’s pretty much a sure thing. I can’t really speak on who he will face next though.

Ian: There are more coming. I’m talking to Space Goat about pitting Ash against a certain festive season character.

Let’s say, for instance, Ash was trying to pick up a lady at the bar, do you think he’d mention his run in with Hitler to impress her, or is that crossing the line?

Larry: I’d like to think he’s saved Hitler’s mustache in a little jar, especially for a situation like that.

Ian: I think he’d ask her if she wanted to see his boom stick.

We look forward to more EVIL DEAD 2 stories from Space Goat. Care to tell us where we might be able to follow the Deadite action? Social Media and whatnot?

Larry: You can find me at and on Twitter @larryewatts_art

Ian: You need to go to for all your Deadite needs and more!  You can find me on Twitter @IanEdginton.

Follow Space Goat on Twitter @gospacegoat, and at

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