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Pop Culture and Your Identity

The term ‘popular culture’ has a whole host of meanings depending on who is defining it and how it is being used, but basically pop culture involves the aspects of social life that is most actively involved in by the public at any given time.

Everyday, social activities such as playing Silk Bingo online, which movies are being viewed, to meeting at the local pub and enjoying a meal with friends, the slang that is used, the current style of dress, all of these things are influenced by pop culture.

Popular culture is also informed by the mass media. Mainstream media has a big influence over societal behaviour and consumer goods, and you can upload apps onto your mobile devices that will tell you what the latest pop culture trends are from nail polish collections, celebrity-designed activewear, to the latest password-less WiFi technology, we, as a society are very ‘big’ on pop culture.

2016 is turning out to be an interesting year for many brands that are trying to understand and use pop culture trends in order to take advantage of new market opportunities.

Social media and live streaming saw platforms like Periscope and Meerkat introduced into the marketing fields in 2015, with many more brands expecting to evolve from experimenting with streaming video to integrating it into their own marketing strategies, with sneak previews and special offers having insider appeal.

The youth culture in 2016 is not just always connected but is always broadcasting.

It is estimated that by 2020, 2.44 billion of the world’s population will be using social networks and if you consider those numbers, brands that are not broadcasting will be left out in the cold in a society where everything from pro sports events to local news incidents will be broadcasted by those young trend-setters and first hand eyewitnesses.

Consumers can expect to see what virtual reality will mean for non-gaming experiences like being inside a music video of the chosen artist, in the future friends could be attending a concert virtually with all of their Facebook friends and brands that do achieve virtual reality competence early will definitely get a lead on leveraging this new advertising opportunity.

These products and forms of expression and identity which are widely accepted, and liked, by a particular society at a given time. Popular culture allows masses of people to identify collectively and unites the masses on ideals of acceptable forms of behaviour.

Consuming pop culture items often leads to the enhancement of an individual’s prestige within their peer group, appealing to both individual happiness and communal bonding, with sports and television arguably tow of the most widely consumed examples of popular culture today.

These two examples also show the great staying power that can be achieved by popular culture, it is difficult to think of life without either.

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