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KICKSTARTER: Help Support A Documentary About the Artists Behind Your Favorite Video Game Box


Rob McCallum (director of Nintendo Quest, Kittie: Origins/Evolutions and Power of Grayskull) has launched a new Kickstarter to help fund his newest endeavor Box Art: A Gaming Documentary.

According to McCallum, Box Art will go behind-the-scenes of the artists who have designed some of our favorite video game box art from the past and present, as well as include in-depth interviews with various illustrators, game developers, fans and programmers.

And FYI to the millennials, if you grew up pre-internet , the box art was amazingly seductive at getting you into purchasing a game…even those that would end up super sucking:


With only four days left and a little less than $6000 need to make the goal, there is still time for you to snag some pretty epic Backer gifts ($13 will get you a digital copy of the film while $49 will get your name in the credits as well as Fan Edition Blu-ray plus some seriously swell extras).

So check out the video below then head over to the Kickstarter to help support the documentary.

After-all, your childhood gaming experience would have been a lot more dreary had the game boxes looked like this:

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (in Sharpie)

Special limited edition!

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